Thursday, October 9, 2008

AEF Conference Begins Tonight with Webcast

Ancient Evangelical Future friends Chris "Desert Pastor" Monroe and his son Brian will once again be providing video of the AEF conference. This year, however, they'll be providing a live web feed. I'll embed the code here, and hope that tonight, when I'm away from my computer and emceeing the program, it all works for you.

Tonight's speaker is Howard Snyder, author of the 1975 classic The Problem of Wineskins: Church Stucture in a Technological Age. The program gets started about 7:00 PM Central with a time of worship, welcomes, and introductions followed by Howard's address and a panel discussion.

Thanks to Chris and Brian for making this event available to our web audience.

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Amy said...

many thanks for the live webcast!!!!! Thought I'd like to be in Chi-town, it is good to enjoy the thoughtful discussions from the comforts of home. Blessings!