Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Church's Greatest Ornament

Here's a striking statement I heard today:

“Music is well or better able to praise God than the building of the church and all its decorations. It is the church’s greatest ornament.” —Russian-born composer Igor Stravinsky

Source: Naxos Classical Music Spotlight podcast, “Rachmaninov Vespers, Academy of Choral Arts, Moscow,” September 8, 2008 (approx. 10 minutes into the audio file).You can subscribe to Naxos podcasts here or through the iTunes store. You can stream all podcasts at by registering to become a member.

3 comments: said...

Kind of biased, like me stating that musical instruments are the greatest ornament when that is my sole profession. I will run it by my preacher and see what he thinks.

John said...

I really agree with my all heart that "Music is the church’s greatest ornament" Music is come out with soul sure reaches to God Soul.That's why we feel after prey very relax and stress free as soon as!Music is harmony of heart and some one says....god always in your heart,don't search him in music is very near to god.
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Unknown said...

Music it is absolutely beautiful thing, of course if it classical music